Most recent changes to VAPOST113.ORG:
      9/27/2022 - Cancelled October 5th monthly meeting.
      9/21/2022 - Added September 2022 Meeting Minutes & removed 2021 & Prior minutes from on line download also loaded Summer 2022 Newsletter.
      9/19/2022 - Update Home page for October meeting, show Officers page Historian as vacant, and corrections - spring newsletter page 1 to Volume 5. 
        9/7/2022 - Added August 2022 Meeting Minutes
      8/23/2022 - Updated Home page for September meeting and removed mesothelioma related links from Veterans Health & Medical Links.
        8/1/2022 - Added July Meeting Minutes.
      7/31/2022 - Replaced "Want to Join us?" with "Plans for Veterans Day?" on Home Page - will change back after Veterans Day.  And reduced change log to 2022 only.
       7/19/2022 - Updated Veterans Crisis Links on Home Page, Links Page & Veterans Health & Medical Links page to 988 Opt 1 logo.
         7/7/2022 - Updated Home page for August meeting/2023 membership and July/August calendar.
       6/23/2022 - Added Spring Newsletter and removed 2020 meeting minutes
         6/6/2022 - Added June Meeting Minutes and updated home page for July meeting.
       5/25/2022 - Added May Meeting Minutes and updated home page for June meeting.
         5/2/2022 - Received and updated April Meeting Minutes
       4/30/2022 - Updated Home page for May monthly meeting.
       3/31/2022 - Added meeting minutes tab with 3/2/2022 minutes.
 3/25-26/2022 - Restructure Links Tabs: 1 main tab & 4 subtabs and added Mesothelioma Guide Link to new Veterans Health & Medical Links page; removed 
                          Office Depot link and added Member Discounts Link to American Legion Links and added Quilts of Valor to Veterans Assistance Links.
    3/19/2022 - Update Home page for April Monthly meeting and update Newsletter pages for Winter 2022 Princess Anne Times.
    2/28/2022 - Remove National Commander Covid-19 update link from home page - no longer valid; remove 2019 meeting minutes from web access.
                         (available by email) and added previously lost 'Post 113 Press Releases' tab.
    2/27/2022 - Correct 3 links to Post 113 Membership Application on home page and restructure home page by moving crisis line and homeless links
    2/23/2022 - Update homepage with March 2022 meeting notice; update program sheets for High/Middle School Programs/Scholarships tab; update meeting 
                          minutes to add 2/22/2022 meeting and update calendar.
    1/31/2022 - Update homepage with February 2022 meeting notice.
      1/3/2022 - January Meeting canceled - update website home page.